"...to take a closed space of very limited proportions, and, by no other means than the play of colors and lines, give it infinite dimensions."
--Henri Matisse

The worship space should be an environment rich in meaning, depth and texture. It is a space intended to renew our yearning to be firmly in the world, but decidedly not of it. To do this, it must engage our senses and imagination, in order to point us beyond them.

The liturgical art and furnishings which inhabit these spaces are among the most challenging to design and create. They must comply with the constraints of doctrine and tradition, but still suggest the vitality of living spirit; reflect the particular theological sensibilities of the congregation, but also allow that the congregation will grow and change in its understanding of itself and of God. They must comfort us and challenge us; remind us of the past, inspire us for the future, but keep us, securely, in the present.

It is the sanctuary for what is, at once, the most public of testimonies, and the most personal and private of experiences.

Erling Hope, a third-generation artisan and award-winning artist and designer, established Hope Liturgical Works (HLW) in 1989. He has been designing and fabricating ecclesiastical artwork, sanctuary furnishings, liturgical appointments and furniture for a variety of faith communities throughout the United States. Producing contemporary liturgical art and furniture, custom designed and carefully crafted, HLW is a 21st century atelier serving the Abrahamic traditions in a global culture. It is CAD-capable and AWI compliant, specializing in:
  • Altars
  • Ambos
  • Ambries
  • Baptismal fonts
  • Bimah and ark furnishings
  • Devotional and memorial artwork
  • Lecterns and pulpits
  • Paschal candle stands
  • Processional candles
  • Processional crosses
  • Sanctuary lamps
  • Sanctuary furniture
  • Seating
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Statues
  • Tabernacles

Erling Hope   631.725.4294   hopelitwrk@aol.com